Cart Bug / Paypal Changes

Breck News 12/07/2018 1516
Cart Bug / Paypal Changes


Some of you have mentioned an issue where old items reappear in your cart when your making your next purchase.

This happens from what I am told when you place an order, and you get the confirmation page stating your order has been placed successfully.

If you close your browser at this point, the cart doesn't get emptied. 


So when you get to that confirmation page, make sure to click on the "Continue" button to return to the main page.

This should clean out your cart and nothing will appear on your next order.


This is a known bug with all Arastta and OpenCart stores and a fix hasn't surfaced yet.

It seems to only be happening with the Paypal module and the Pay Cash module.


Hopefully in time it will be resolved.


Paypal Change:

For some reason the old Paypal module started to act up, so I have changed to another module to retify the problem.

It will be for the most part the same process as before, and the only differences you will find are that we no longer have to

authorize all the payments to complete them.  Secondly, we have setup Paypal to automatically return you to the store after

a successful payment.  Once you return remember to click on the "Continue" button to ensure the cart will be emptied.

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