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Valley Beekeeping Supplies Blog

Welcome to Valley Beekeeping Supplies Blog's home

Important Dates For Treatments

 IMPORTANT:     It's best to do mite counts by alcohol or sugar shaker before making the descision to treat for mites.  Read more on testing protocols here:   http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/food/inspection/bees/varroa-sampling.htm   It's also j...

Fumagilan-B Returns Spring 2020

The nosema treatment Fumagilan-B will be back on the shelves come spring 2020.  The Canadian Honey Council has talked with a Canadian pharma company to bottle and distribute the product to be sold to beekeepers. We expect to have it in stock about April. It's been add to the website for order ...

SSL Secure Store

If you hadn't already noticed, we have installed a SSL Security Certificate to provide you with more secure encrypted shopping. No more need to worry about your information possibly being stolen.  Just another step we have taken to protect your information......

Coming Price Increases

Breck News 10/05/2021 1255 0 comment

I've been informed today May 10th/21, the prices have been increased on products.  Mostly the wood products and maybe some other items.  We will be updating the prices over the next 2 weeks to reflect the increases being passed on......

Product Change

Breck News 11/03/2019 2346 0 comment

Some of you may have already read in our newsletter that we are no longer going to carry the Mite Away Strips, and we are going to be replacing it with the Formic Pro Strips. Mite Away only had a 1 yr shelf life and by the time we received the product, it only had a couple months left on it so it w...

Bee Pro Winter Patties

Breck News 05/09/2018 2500 0 comment

Due to the consistency of the winter patties, they are no longer sold as patties.  They are now sold by the pail in 10lb and 50lb sizes. You will have to weigh them out yourself on a sheet of wax paper before inserting into your hives......

Cart Bug / Paypal Changes

Breck News 12/07/2018 2316 0 comment

CART ISSUE: Some of you have mentioned an issue where old items reappear in your cart when your making your next purchase. This happens from what I am told when you place an order, and you get the confirmation page stating your order has been placed successfully. If you close your browser at this...

Nucs Update

Breck News 16/05/2018 2319 0 comment

We started a couple nucs on Saturday May 12/18 and will be doing many more hopefully Friday May 18/18. There is also a possibility that we will be doing a couple more on the following weekend depending on how much brood is available.   As it stands right now, we still want to say delivery co...

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