Each winter and spring, we will be taking pre-orders for nucs.  The nucs for the most part are Italian bees with your choice of queen introduced to the colony.  Before nucs are delivered, they are montiored to see for the acceptance of the queen, and to see if it is a good laying queen.


Because of the regulations, we can only sell and distribute Ontario nucs to customers in Ontario.


Ontario nucs are supplied from several breeders, depending on the quantity of nucs required.  We set a pickup date of the first week of June, but this is weather dependant.  Your nucs may be available 1-2 weeks before or after the suggested timeline.


The deadline for ordering nucs is set for the end of May, but at anytime, the suppliers can tell us that they are sold out.  So it is up to you to make sure you order well in advance.  Nucs MUST be pre-paid before we will order your nuc with the supplier, and there is NO CANCELATION OR REFUND.


Nucs will not be available for shipping as it is too much of a hassle to properly package securely for shipping by couriers.  You will be notified when and where you will have to come to pick up your nuc.  It will most likely be that we would pickup our order of nucs on the first Friday night of June, and have them avaiable for pickup on Saturday morning.  We will post on our website the pickup location around the beginning of May so that it is known to you a month in advance.


If you have any other questions regarding nucs, please send us an email at

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