Available Beekeepers For Cutout/Swarm Relocation

Below is a list of available beekeepers in the Upper Ottawa Valley that suggested to us that they would be interested in cutouts (for a fee), and swarm removals (generally free).

Please make sure that you have honey bees as most beekeepers don't deal with anything else.  Check out the comparison chart here:  Comparison Chart



Name Location Mobile Number Cutouts Swarms
 Ian Johnson  Chapeau, QC  (613) 401-7505 Y Y
 James Min  Cobden, ON  (613) 646-2624 Y Y
 Paul Hamilton  Eganville, ON  (289) 314-2468 Y Y
 Tom Kelly  Killaloe, ON  (613) 633-6447 Y Y
 Martin Ashick  Laurention Valley, ON  (613) 312-7881 N Y
 Breck Demers  Pembroke, ON  (613) 281-1049 N Y
 Jessica Thompson  Pembroke, ON  (613) 585-6108 Y Y
 George Burchart  Petawawa, ON  (613) 639-0143 Y Y

If your interested in cutouts or swarm removals and in the Upper Ottawa Valley, please send us an email to sales@valleybeekeeping.com with your details. Same goes if your on the list and want to be removed.