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Valley Beekeeping Supplies Blog

Welcome to Valley Beekeeping Supplies Blog's home

Important Dates For Treatments

 IMPORTANT:     It's best to do mite counts by alcohol or sugar shaker before making the descision to treat for mites.  Read more on testing protocols here:   http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/food/inspection/bees/varroa-sampling.htm   It's also j...

Fumagilan-B Returns Spring 2020

The nosema treatment Fumagilan-B will be back on the shelves come spring 2020.  The Canadian Honey Council has talked with a Canadian pharma company to bottle and distribute the product to be sold to beekeepers. We expect to have it in stock about April. It's been add to the website for order ...

SSL Secure Store

If you hadn't already noticed, we have installed a SSL Security Certificate to provide you with more secure encrypted shopping. No more need to worry about your information possibly being stolen.  Just another step we have taken to protect your information......

Essential Oils

Breck News 14/08/2017 2194 0 comment

We have just recieved our shipment of essential oils in time for fall feeding. Promote healthy bees by fall feeding using this home recipe of Honey-B-Healthy mixed with your sugar water.   Honey B Healthy Recipe 5 cups Water2 1/2 pounds Sugar1/8 tsp. Lecithin Granules (used as an emulsifier...

The Bees Are Finally In The Honey

With such a poor year for honey production, the bees at Calabogie have finally gathered enough to take a small harvest for bottling.  With hot and dry weather to come for the rest of Autumn, we hope the bees do well and gather plenty more for another larger harvest.  Find Calabogie Peaks R...

The Queens & Their Workers Have Arrived At Calabogie Peaks Resort

   On a foggy misty morning of Friday May 26/17, the queens and their workers have arrived at Calabogie Peaks Resort to make a new home.  The hives will be placed across the pond from the restaurant where they can be viewed from the windows.     &nb...

Calabogie Peaks Resort / Canthooks Restaurant Hive Rentals

We are pleased to announce that we have entered a partnership with Calabogie Peaks Resort who have shown a desire to provide a new home for a couple beehives.  Resort executive chef Tristan Hertzog recently contacted us and explained his interest in setting up beehives at the resort and...

Previous Orders On Old Store

Breck News 01/05/2017 2553 0 comment

For those of you with orders still waiting to be fulfilled on the old store, mostly those waiting for nucs, don't worry. I will still be looking after these orders once the time comes for nuc distribution.  For any future orders, please sign up on the new store to place your orders......

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