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Valley Beekeeping Supplies Blog

Welcome to Valley Beekeeping Supplies Blog's home

Important Dates For Treatments

 IMPORTANT:     It's best to do mite counts by alcohol or sugar shaker before making the descision to treat for mites.  Read more on testing protocols here:   http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/food/inspection/bees/varroa-sampling.htm   It's also j...

Fumagilan-B Returns Spring 2020

The nosema treatment Fumagilan-B will be back on the shelves come spring 2020.  The Canadian Honey Council has talked with a Canadian pharma company to bottle and distribute the product to be sold to beekeepers. We expect to have it in stock about April. It's been add to the website for order ...

SSL Secure Store

If you hadn't already noticed, we have installed a SSL Security Certificate to provide you with more secure encrypted shopping. No more need to worry about your information possibly being stolen.  Just another step we have taken to protect your information......

Final Extraction

We did our final extraction of honey from Calabogie Peaks Resort, and though we had an unfavorable year with all the rain, we ended up with a total of 118 lbs of honey.   The year wasn't it's best for many beekeepers in Eastern Ontario with all the rain, lots of lost queens, and lots of swarm...

Second Extraction of Honey

We were surprised to find the bees have been packing away a lot of nectar and converting it to the sweet tasting honey.  With the signs of nicer warm and sunny days, those amazing bees are hard at work flying around in search of the many nectar sources.  Bees often fly past many nectar sou...

Bayvarol Status

Breck News 24/08/2017 2117 0 comment

We have been informed that the Bayvarol mite treatment will not be available this fall but will be in stock next spring......

Website Issues

Breck News 24/08/2017 2140 0 comment

We are aware of the issue on the website where occasionally when you place an order, items from your previous order appear in your cart. The developers of the website are aware of the issue and are trying to fix the problem.   In the mean time, we have found that the Firefox browser doesn't ...

Hogan Winter Wraps

Breck News 24/08/2017 1965 0 comment

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Hogan winter wraps will be distributed around mid October. You can still place your orders anytime now to book yours in advance and once we are able to get our shipment, we will then begin getting them out to everyone who ordered......

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