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Valley Beekeeping Supplies Blog

Welcome to Valley Beekeeping Supplies Blog's home

Important Dates For Treatments

 IMPORTANT:     It's best to do mite counts by alcohol or sugar shaker before making the descision to treat for mites.  Read more on testing protocols here:   http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/food/inspection/bees/varroa-sampling.htm   It's also j...

Fumagilan-B Returns Spring 2020

The nosema treatment Fumagilan-B will be back on the shelves come spring 2020.  The Canadian Honey Council has talked with a Canadian pharma company to bottle and distribute the product to be sold to beekeepers. We expect to have it in stock about April. It's been add to the website for order ...

SSL Secure Store

If you hadn't already noticed, we have installed a SSL Security Certificate to provide you with more secure encrypted shopping. No more need to worry about your information possibly being stolen.  Just another step we have taken to protect your information......

Medivet Products

Breck News 25/04/2018 3064 0 comment

We have been informed that Medivet has gone out of business for several reasons.     Firstly Fumagilin-B is no longer available anywhere in the world as the only manufacturer for the main ingredient has discontinued production.  This means any suppliers with any products left w...

Ross Rounds Update

Breck 21/02/2018 991 0 comment

Just wanted to inform you all that the Ross Rounds equipment is on the way and should have it by end of this week or early next week. I have added the products to the website and the quantities appear with the ability to over order.  So if you order more than in stock, you get what we have cu...

Ross Rounds

Breck 10/02/2018 795 0 comment

We have received several inquiries to see if we could stock some of the Ross Rounds products. We are working with our supplier to bring in a limited supply to start of and see how it goes. If all goes well we will increase our stock.   The items have been added to the website but set at 0 s...

Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule

Breck News 27/09/2017 2181 0 comment

This schedule for this fall, winter and spring have been updated. More info: https://store.valleybeekeeping.com/index.php/fall-winter-spring-schedule   Online orders over the winter will be shipped ASAP from our supplier......

Price Updating

Breck News 18/09/2017 1981 0 comment

As this year winds down, you may notice we are beginning to go through and evaluate all our prices over the fall and winter, and some prices will be adjusted. We have already slowly started into this and we have lowered and increased prices on various items.  Updates will continue slowly over ...

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